Free Stuff?


The Musix4me project collects, vets and creates free lesson materials to help clarinetists who might otherwise be out of reach of a professional clarinet teacher.  While you may have opportunity to purchase things, you do not need to.  Reach out to us and request materials, recordings and resources and we will find and/or create them for you.  Always FREE!

Teach In Harmony


The Musix4me project is so much more than simply collecting videos.  All the components to be a successful clarinetist are here free: accompaniments, sheet music, Google Hangout lessons and inspiration.  We're even here for your band director to help develop the clarinet section.  Eventually, the Musix4me project will expand to other instruments.

The Future Sounds Good


As the Musix4me project matures, old videos will be reshot in a consistent and professional manner so that Musix4me will be more of its own entity.  We will always draw in the best of the Internet, but by having a core set of lessons we can create a safe, consistent and predictable community that you can call your clarinet home.

Founder’s Notes 


I have been a professional educator and clarinetist since 1994.  I have completed my Bachelor of Music in Education and Masters of Music in Performance (Clarinet) degrees and have completed my coursework (ABD) on my Doctorate of Music.  I have served in the military and have performed solo, chamber and orchestral music at all levels and for tens of thousands of audience members.


Lately, I have been studying Graphic Design (the logo, website design and artwork were created by me) with a focus on music related layout and design.


Please consider supporting this project.  You do not need to be a clarinetist to be a patron of Musix4me.  If you are too young to contribute, ask your parents to consider supporting this Musix4me project.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Want something made for you?  Simply ask!



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