We All Need Inspiration

What inspires you?  Suggest an inspiring video and it may appear here and added to the YouTube playlist.

Mourikis Spyros

This guy has what we call, "Technique to burn."  You should search out other recordings of his.  He is amazing.

Karl Leister

The "Grandfather" of the modern "covered" tone.  The dude plays the highest written C on the clarinet and it is as mellow as my clarion G.  Amazing tonal blend and control.

Claudio Puntin

Smoooooooooth.  Man.  If I could improvise, I would sit back at least an hour a day and just chill, laying out melodies like that.  Awesome.  You have to watch this one on YouTube.

Alexey Gorokholinsky

Can you articulate fast?  Really?  Like this?

Shankar Tucker

I LOVE music with a distinct ethnic flair and Shankar has nailed it with talent to spare.  A MUST SEE channel!

Corrado Giuffredi

What a truly inspiring rendition/arrangement of George Gershwin's famous melodies from "An American in Paris".  Thank you Corrado!

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