Understanding Reeds

For now, as I work out technical issues with the web site hosts, here are a couple of quickie images to help you better understand the parts of a reed and how and where to "work on them".  I would recommend on the cheap end, 600 grit sandpaper as a basis for your work.  If you have money, get some reed rush and then a reed clipper.  More money? ...get the Vandoren glass reed tools.

The reeds above show the "general areas" to adjust and balance for the ranges you feel sluggish or unresponsive.  As a general rule, most people start out their reed adjustment adventures balancings in the upper range area in the right-most reed (lowest reed on mobile device).  When you see people doing the "side to side" thing where they turn the mouthpiece and play on one side at a time, that is the area (high) they end up adjusting in.

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