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  • Do you have any current or pop-radio accompaniments?
    No. I am sorry. I only work from the public domain. I want you to have whatever you need to enjoy making music, so I recommend you consider a Tomplay subscription if you are interested in current hits or pop radio hits. If there are oldies in the public domain, I am more than happy to create accompaniments from them for you. Please send me a link to the public domain work.
  • How will I receive my accompaniment file(s)?
    Your initial purchase of any available accompaniment will result in a link immediately being made for you to download a ZIP file of the tracks of the accompaniment. These are located on the WIX servers where I host my site. Any future adjustments or related files of the original accompaniment will be added to a shared Google Drive file that I create for all new customers. Every once in a while, I will add a freebie to the folder just to say thanks for being a customer. So, always keep an eye on that folder!
  • May I get a refund if I do not like the work?
    Unfortunately, it would be too easy for people to request work done, get the digital file and then say they didn't like it. Meanwhile, they keep and use the digital work. So, returns and refunds are not available for digital work. But please don't let that discourage you from getting work done. I will do everything in my power to make sure the work is to your standard and that you are happy with the final product.
  • Can I get practice tracks from the accompaniments?
    Absolutely! Contact me through the form at the bottom of each page. I will respond and we will have an email conversation where you explain the measures you want clipped (any number of clips), the tempos you want for each iteration and so forth. I will determine the cost for the amount of work you request and send you a quote. If you agree, you make the payment on the quote and I will share the created files with you. Practice tracks (the whole set) start at $1.99, and depend on the complexity and amount of time it takes me to create them. Most sets of practice tracks will be $1.99.
  • How much do accompaniments or adjustments cost?
    All created accompaniments listed in the store cost $1.99, unless they are marked free, of course. Purchased accompaniments come with one set of free adjustments. If you'd like me to stop what I'm doing and create one for you ASAP, it will cost $2.99. If you can wait, I will put it in the queue and let you know when it is available to buy in the store at $1.99. (If no-one else has specifically requested work ahead of you, I will almost always start your request immediately.) Purchased accompaniments come with one set of free adjustments (which could be "Practice Tracks" if you wanted). If you want an accompaniment that is free in the store adjusted, or practice tracks made, that will cost $1.99. Other work, like creating worksheets or an entire method book for your studio, will start at $1.99 and increase depending on the length and complexity of the project. I do not foresee anything above $50, but no promises—We'll see what you come up with! I sincerely look forward to hearing your and helping you meet your musical needs.
  • How do I get my adjustments?
    Great question! The first thing to understand about your set of adjustments is that they can only be used on works that you have acquired from Musix4me. This is because these are the only works that I have the notation for and can adjust completely. Follow these steps to get the adjustments you need. Listen to your accompaniment with your notation in front of you and make as many detailed notes about changes as you'd like. These can be anything from simple tempo changes, pauses, or dynamics to detailed rubatos and even pitch or octave changes. Nearly anything is adjustable! Be sure to be clear by referencing measure or bar numbers, rehearsal marks, and even beats if needed. For example, "After rehearsal F, the 5th measure, after the 3rd beat, put a 2 beat cesura." Use tempo markings appropriate to the time signature. For example, in time signatures like 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, C, etc., you could say "quarter note equals 68". For 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, or 12/8, etc., say "eighth note equals 80" or "dotted quarter = 76". For 2/2, 3/2, 4/2, or ¢, you might say, "half note = 120". Contact me with the email that you registered with on the site. I need this email address to confirm that you made the purchase. Send me any adjustments that you decided on. I will create a shared folder with you and will place the new, adjusted MP3 file there for you to download. But that's not all! I can email it to you if the attachment is not over 25MB or else GMail stores the file and changes it to a Google Drive link. Then we are back to the original scenario above. Listen to the new accompaniment and repeat steps 1 and 2 until you are completely satisfied with the result.
  • What is the best way to keep updated on new accompaniments?
    I would reccomend three ways that you can stay updated. This is the order of effectiveness, but you might also consider what method works best for you. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube. There is a running series of videos either demonstrating pieces to purchase or simply free to use. These pieces will eventually be added to the website. Subscribe to my Newsletter. About once a month, I will send a list of the updates for the previous month. Sometimes I lose track of time, so it could be more than a month, once in a while. Visit my Blog. Along with some background posts on composers or works, I will also put the Newsletter list on the Blog. Just a reminder. If you purchase an accompaniment, you should also periodically check your shared Google Drive folder online. I have a knack of adding freebies to your folder over time.
  • Can I chat with Robert?
    I would love for that to happen. Adults only please. Enter a greeting or question in the chat box. If I am at my computer, I should hear you and I will respond. I am only one person though, as we all are, but I will try to respond to any chat request that appears during my work hours. I want to be able to answer your questions! If I cannot get to your request within 5 to 10 minutes, please use the Contact form at the bottom of the site. I often run errands (I watch over an elderly parent and Downs brother) from 11:00 to 11:30 AM Eastern (USA) and odd Dr. appointments. I am usually at my computer, entering music or updating the site, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM Eastern (USA) or later. I hope to chat with you soon!
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